Life, Death, Genealogy, and Spirituality

The perennial mystery of life is the unavoidable reality of death. Throughout recorded history and also throughout prehistoric times, human beings have expressed belief in an after-life. Prehistoric humanity expressed this belief by providing the deceased with grave goods for the next life and through their artwork. The ancient Greeks thought of the after-life as […]

The Eroding of “Religion” & the Search for Moral Freedom

The first link below is a wonderful article and video from CBS News broadcast first on Easter Saturday, April 7, 2012.  The participants discuss the premise of Andrew Sullivan’s article  in Newsweek and on “The Daily Beast” that Christianity is in grave crisis due to our divisive politics, compromised priests, and get rich and elitist evangelists. Andrew Sullivan: Theres so much bad religion right now – […]

The Arbor of Life

The Society of Shakers believed in the direct inspiration of the Spirit.  This is one belief  that the Shakers shared with the Society of Friends (aka Quakers).  Another theological similarity between Shakers and Quakers is an emphasis on “The Lamb’s War,” the internal mystical struggle of a believer in his/her journey towards greater righteousness and […]