Book Review: “Mr. Lincoln’s Chair: The Shakers and Their Quest for Peace”

Anita Sanchez. Mr. Lincoln’s Chair: The Shakers and Their Quest for Peace. Granville: McDonald & Woodward, 2009. Illustrations. v + 196 pp. $17.95 (paper), ISBN 978-0-939923-94-6. Reviewed by Karen S. Campbell First Published on H-CivWar (December, 2009) Commissioned by Martin Johnson Lincoln and the Shakers You will never kill the Devil with a sword.–Mother Ann Lee Anita Sanchez’s 196-page book […]

The Arbor of Life

The Society of Shakers believed in the direct inspiration of the Spirit.  This is one belief  that the Shakers shared with the Society of Friends (aka Quakers).  Another theological similarity between Shakers and Quakers is an emphasis on “The Lamb’s War,” the internal mystical struggle of a believer in his/her journey towards greater righteousness and […]