Gregory Porter ~ Be Good

“Porter fuses jazz and soul better than anybody working these days…Very Highly Recommended.” -Soul Tracks Official website of Gregory Porter Facebook page of Gregory Porter March 7, 2013 ~ The Czech Republic capital of Prague is home to the annual Strings of Autumn International Music Festival where, in October […]

“The Butterfly Lovers” ~ A Chinese Love Story

This gorgeous music was composed in 1959 by Chen Gang and He Zhanhao. It did not become well known in the west until after the Cultural Revolution in China.  The music illustrates the famous ancient Chinese  legend of the lovers Zhu Yingtai (respresented by the solo violin) and Liang Shanbo (rewsprestned by the solo cello). […]

Rosemary Clooney in the 1950s and 1990s

The great Rosemary Clooney died in 2001 of lung cancer and is buried in Maysville, Kentucky.  She was an amazing singer and interpreter of  The Great American Songbook.  It is just incredible that in her early 70s and as ill as she was with lung cancer, she could still sing and a phrase a song […]

Steve Martin ~ “The Crow” & “Rare Bird Alert”

I fell in love with banjo-pickin’ blue grass music when I lived in Kentucky.  These two albums are twice the joy ~ great blue grass with a  sense of humor, the humor of Steve Martin! spotify:track:5VUTiGp6CYP024gcbu4uE8   spotify:track:0zOTipZaTXi005CfHwQeF6

Ben Powell ~ “Preliminaries”

“I spent my early years trying to imitate the tone of Eric Clapton and Peter Green. I was 26 before I heard Martin Taylor’s album Solo. From that moment I locked myself in a room for the next seven years and taught myself how to play fingerstyle.” Ben Powell is also interested in philosophy and […]

Antonin Dvorak ~ Czeck Romantic Music ~ Symphony No. 8

The famous Czech composer Antonin Dvorak is best known for his 9th Symphony, “The New World Symphony,” which he composed during the winter and spring of 1893 in New York City when he was the Director of the National Conservatory of Music (1892-1895).  It has been so amazingly popular since its first performance  that it has […]

“The Planets” ~ A Musical Astrological Guide by Gustav Holst

Gustav Holst was a prolific English composer who is most famous for his fabulous seven movement orchestral suite, The Planets, which he composed between 1914 and 1916.  Holst was a devotee of astrology.  Each movement is named for a planet in the known solar system of his time with the exception of Earth.  Included in the […]