Mitt Romney

Romney Irresponsibly Inserts Himself into a Serious International Situation & Is Drowning In His Own Incompetence

 I am appalled at the statements of Mitt Romney last night and this morning concerning the attacks on our embassies in Libya and Egypt.  Such neo-con rhetorical nonsense, pronounced during the 9/11 remembrance, is an insult to our honored dead, then and now, and proves that Mr. Romney’s discretion  is no where near presidential quality.  His […]

FORWARD ~ Four More Years With Obama, Our Forward-Looking President

I watched the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida last week and wasn’t surprised by anything except for Clint Eastwood’s unsuccessful and confusing performance, which left me feeling very sad since I have great respect for him as an artist. (Actually, I quoted Mr. Eastwood in an earlier blog post.)  I didn’t have any of my […]

International “Pander-Ball”!

What is it with Mitt Romney?!  Mr. Gaff-man continues to put his foot in his mouth, this week in England and Israel!  Actually, what is more curious and even more serious than any of his earlier  “flip-floppyi-ness” and his numerous  “Etch-A-Sketch” moments, is his dependence on a simple-minded version of Bush-era foreign policy, even though […]

Mitt Romney ~ Mr. Opaque

What is all this about Mitt Romney not  disclosing more of his income tax returns?  It seems extremely foolish for him not to do so.  What’s the point? Why the secrecy?  President Clinton and Vice-President Bidden have understandably criticized his decision.  Even Republicans are begging him to provide greater disclosure of his finances.  Bill Kristol, […]