Local History

“Murder in Waynesville” ~ Book and Video

On a late summer’s eve in Waynesville, at half past 11:00 P.M. on Tuesday, August 26th, 1879, a deeply troubled young man of 18, who felt overwhelmed by responsibility and domestic troubles, who was obsessed with violence and death, became entangled in a horrendous carnival of blood, whether willingly or unwillingly, it is hard to […]

Captain Orindatus Simon Bolívar Wall ~ From North Carolina to Harveysburg to Oberlin to Washington D. C.

August 12th, 1825 ~ April 26th, 1891 Underground Railroad Conductor Shoe & Boot Manufacturer Recruiter for the Union Army Captain in the U.S. Army Provost Marshal of Charleston, S. C. Recipient of the Medal of Honor Graduate of Howard University Public Servant Police Magistrate A Justice of the Peace of Washington D.C. Republican Politician Lawyer In […]

Dr. Jesse Harvey ~ UGRR Conductor (November 26th, 1801 ~ May12th, 1848) ~ Difficulties Dealing with Slavery

The “Peaceable Kingdom” of Friends is not so “peaceable” due to controversies over  anti-slavery issues. Dr. Jesse Harvey was born November 26th, 1801 in Orange County, North Carolina. He was six when his parents, Caleb and Sarah Towel Harvey settled near Todd’s Fork in Clinton County, Ohio. On September 15, 1824 he married Elizabeth Burgess […]

An Introduction To The Wright Family of Dayton

by Karen S. Campbell Southwest OhioResearch  “We were lucky enough to grow up in an environment where there was always much encouragement to children to pursue intellectual interests; to investigate whatever  aroused curiosity.”  ~ Orville Wright It is true.  The Wright Brothers were nothing if not curious.  They were first to achieve a controlled, powered, heavier Orville Wright than […]

Slide Show: An Introduction to the Harvey Family & a Tour of Harveysburg, Ohio

The link below takes you to  a PowerPoint presentation I created for the second Quaker Genealogy and History Conference in 2006.  The Quaker Harvey family were ministers to the Shawnee Native Americans and conductors on the Underground Railroad. http://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=theharveysofharveysburg-12839806673401-phpapp02&stripped_title=the-harveys-of-harveysburg

Dr. Marie (Mariah) Romine ~ Quaker Physician

 Dr. Marie Downing Romine (b. 1848) was one of the five children of Jacob Downing (1807-1862) and Jane Underwood Downing (1813-1907). Towards the end of the Civil War, after Jacob Downing died in Pennsylvania, Jane Underwood Downing brought her family of five children to the Harveysburg area. Her sister was Matilda Downing Underwood, a respected Quaker minister of Grove Meeting in Harveysburg.             […]


(No longer extant, photographs below taken in 1982) The Zion Baptist Church was built using the materials from the old Harveysburg Academy, which had been founded by Dr. Jesse Harvey. This African-American Church was built on the same site as the old Academy. The cemetery of Zion Baptist Church is located outside of the village across Rte 73 in the Fifty Springs Picnic […]