More Information About the 1940 Federal Census from & Announcing AncestryDNA™

More information about the 1940 Federal Census ~ Delaware and the District of Columbia have been indexed.  Ancestry is still working tirelessly to key, index and QA other locations and will release entire states as they are completed. For more information about how this process works you can visit ancestry’s  blog. The 1940 Federal Census can […]

For Mother’s Day Invites Us to “Honor Our Moms & the Things They Pass Down to Us” invites you to honor your mom by watching the video below and  then share what your mother passed down to you.    By clicking on the link above you can enter a contest.  There will be prizes given out up until May 21st.  You could win a World Explorer subscription, a DNA kit & […]

Life, Death, Genealogy, and Spirituality

The perennial mystery of life is the unavoidable reality of death. Throughout recorded history and also throughout prehistoric times, human beings have expressed belief in an after-life. Prehistoric humanity expressed this belief by providing the deceased with grave goods for the next life and through their artwork. The ancient Greeks thought of the after-life as […]

All the 1940 Census Digital Images are Now Up on ~ Download Their Guide

Every image of the 1940 U.S. Census is now available on All 3.8 million 1940 census images are now live on  All states, all territories, all 132 million people.  Start looking Not sure where to look for your family in 1940? Start with these 3 steps: Find out where your family lived—a street […]

News about the 1940 U. S. Census at

Search Delaware and Nevada  in the 1940 Census now As of this evening, Nevada and Delaware became Ancestry‘s first two fully-indexed states in the 1940 Census on This means you can search by name for a 1940 Nevada or Delaware resident  Right now. Remember, while only Nevada and Delaware are fully-indexed today on, […]

Genealogy, Volunteerism, Collaboration, Sharing and Social Media

(Third article in a series, “Introduction to Genealogy”)  By Karen S. Campbell Southwest Ohio Research American genealogists and family historians have always been social. They have always practiced volunteerism and collaboration.   The Genealogical pursuit of information is a community endeavor of familial and friendly contacts. Local genealogy societies are funded and maintained by volunteers. Long […]

I am an Ace

I am an Ace. Aces will be receiving the latest news from concerning the publication of the 1940 Federal Census on This is the first message: “The National Archives and Records Administration will open the 1940 U.S. Federal Census on April 2, 2012—the first time this collection will be made available to the […]