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Book Review ~ China’s New Confucianism(s)

In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of. ~ Confucius China’s New Confucianism: Politics and Everyday Life In a Changing Society by Daniel A. Bell (Princeton & Oxford: Princeton University press, 2008). Daniel A. Bell is the Zhiyuan Chair Professor […]

What is All This About Lincoln and Vampires!?

This is a review I wrote last September of 2011.  The movie based on Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is coming out this month on June 22, 2012.  I doubt whether I’ll see the movie in a theater because it is much to violent for me.  I’ll catch it on AMC sometime in the future.  I […]

Book Review: “Mr. Lincoln’s Chair: The Shakers and Their Quest for Peace”

Anita Sanchez. Mr. Lincoln’s Chair: The Shakers and Their Quest for Peace. Granville: McDonald & Woodward, 2009. Illustrations. v + 196 pp. $17.95 (paper), ISBN 978-0-939923-94-6. Reviewed by Karen S. Campbell First Published on H-CivWar (December, 2009) Commissioned by Martin Johnson Lincoln and the Shakers You will never kill the Devil with a sword.–Mother Ann Lee Anita Sanchez’s 196-page book […]

Review: “The Dark Days of Abraham Lincoln’s Widow As Revealed by Her Own Letters by Myra Helmer Pritchard, Edited and Annotated” by Jason Emerson

Photographs, maps, annotations, notes, bibliography, index, 186 pages, Southern Illinois University Press, 2011. Mary Todd Lincoln (1818-1882) lived a sad life.  Whenever I read about Mrs. Lincoln, I become sad and to read her letters is to bring the reader one step closer to her tragedy.  The pain and anger in her voice is clearly […]