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President Obama on Dashboard Speaking to OFA Volunteers ~ Evening of September 12th, 2012

President Obama was speaking to us from Las Vegas, Nevada

A very tired looking President spoke to “Obama For America” volunteers via Dashboard, the campaign’s social media platform, tonight after, what must have been for him, an extremely exhausting day.  It was a sad and stressful day dealing with the crisis in Egypt and Libya and the death of innocent Americans, Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith and two other co-workers, who were murdered in the line of duty in Benghazi.  The President spoke to us about how he had spent part of his day at the State Department comforting their co-workers. He encouraged them to maintain their sense of purpose in their mission and their idealism.  He assured them that over time good things will happen.  He re-assured them that they are making a difference.

 The President then said to us that we are also making a great difference as we work for his re-election.  We are so willing to work hard; “to put it on the line!”  Then he said, “Here’s the deal.”    We need to push even harder than we did in the first election because we have lived through three and a half years of difficult economy and people do feel discouraged.  This election is not as “trendy” as the last one.  We need to encourage people to vote and to tell them that we need them to be involved in the campaign.  He also said not to worry about all the PAC money involved in the election.  ”Money won’t best good people!

I was surprised when he mentioned that in Iowa, they will start early voting in two weeks.  Then, I thought twice and realized, OMG, that that is also so in Ohio!!

President Obama spoke about his experience as a community organizer.  His first piece of advice to volunteers was to avoid abstractions when speaking with people.  Learn about their lives.  Connect policy with real life situations. He encouraged us when recruiting to:

  • Listen more than talk
  • Care about people’s lives and struggles
  • Emphasize that they are needed
  • Help build their confidence
  • Give people real responsibility
  • Always make it fun
  • Remember that we are nurturing relationships with people
  • Remember that we are not in this alone ~ although we are all different, there are core values shared by all Americans

He then shared that his very first political experience was “Project Vote” in Chicago during the first election of Bill Clinton.  Encourage people to exercise their franchise; their right as a citizen to vote.  Voting does make a difference.  If we have a great turn-out, we will win!!  “Forward!

President Obama had to leave us to speak at a campaign rally at the Cashman Center.  The remainder of the time was spent discussing “Dashboard” and how to build teams through Dashboard.  We can reach new members and make them welcome through Dashboard.  They encourage team discussions to keep members up to date.

The last comments were “We are running a marathon!”  “Register those voters!!”

 To volunteer via Dashboard go to:


There is a slide show “Introduction to Dashboard” at:



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