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Romney Irresponsibly Inserts Himself into a Serious International Situation & Is Drowning In His Own Incompetence

 I am appalled at the statements of Mitt Romney last night and this morning concerning the attacks on our embassies in Libya and Egypt.  Such neo-con rhetorical nonsense, pronounced during the 9/11 remembrance, is an insult to our honored dead, then and now, and proves that Mr. Romney’s discretion  is no where near presidential quality.  His criticism, directed at President Obama, is cowardly, uninformed, incompetent, and grossly partisan. He couldn’t even wait to find out the true circumstances before, once again, falsely accusing the President of apologizing for America. He didn’t wait until the families of the dead were informed.  The smirk on his face this morning, thinking he had scored political points with the extreme right base of the Republican Party, is discussing and petty. Why did his “handlers,” which he so desperately needs since he appears to be totally thoughtless and crass, allow this man to exploit this tragedy? Romney has proven that he is willing to politicize anything to win the election, even the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his three co-workers in Benghazi.

The neo-conservative version of foreign policy is nothing but political apocalypticism.  It is the radical and incendiary far-right that wants to divide the world into black and white by demonizing countries, which they believe must be forcibly turned into pro-American, hopefully democracies with free-market economies.  President Obama lifted us out of that simple-minded caricature of foreign policy after the disastrous Bush years.   Such self-righteous extremism, such polarization, leads to wars and destabilizes the world. Real diplomacy is hard work, slow and deliberate, and fueled by the steadfast courage of our diplomatic corps that constantly puts itself into harm’s way to promote peace and progress. They are living the true “American Exceptionalism” instead of its perversion, “American Apocalypticism,” which makes a mockery of real democracy and human rights.

Who is going to apologize for all your compulsiveness and prevarication, Mr. Romney?  I am weary of seeing Republicans constantly going way-over-the-top into la-la-land of lies. After all, it is embarrassing to watch an American act so foolish!!   To put it simply, Romney has proved himself to be grossly incompetent about American foreign policy, “shooting first and aiming later.”  President Obama has it right:

It’s important for you to make sure that the statements that you make are backed up by the facts and that you’ve thought through the ramifications before you make them.”


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