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Voter Suppression

 Make sure you know how to register to vote & where to vote in your area.Contact your local Election Board. Voter suppression, also known as “blocking the vote” is used to intimidate targeted groups of people from registering to vote using both legal and illegal means.  The outcome of an election can be profoundly effected […]

“The Butterfly Lovers” ~ A Chinese Love Story

This gorgeous music was composed in 1959 by Chen Gang and He Zhanhao. It did not become well known in the west until after the Cultural Revolution in China.  The music illustrates the famous ancient Chinese  legend of the lovers Zhu Yingtai (respresented by the solo violin) and Liang Shanbo (rewsprestned by the solo cello). […]

First Trailer for Spielberg’s “Lincoln”

“Lincoln” is out in limited release on Nov. 9, before expanding wide on Nov. 16. The movie is supposedly provocative in its realistic portrayal of Lincoln and his times.  I am certainly hoping that we will see a historically true presentation of Lincoln instead of the iconic or the cartoonish-super-hero Lincoln.

Rosemary Clooney in the 1950s and 1990s

The great Rosemary Clooney died in 2001 of lung cancer and is buried in Maysville, Kentucky.  She was an amazing singer and interpreter of  The Great American Songbook.  It is just incredible that in her early 70s and as ill as she was with lung cancer, she could still sing and a phrase a song […]

President Obama on Dashboard Speaking to OFA Volunteers ~ Evening of September 12th, 2012

President Obama was speaking to us from Las Vegas, Nevada A very tired looking President spoke to “Obama For America” volunteers via Dashboard, the campaign’s social media platform, tonight after, what must have been for him, an extremely exhausting day.  It was a sad and stressful day dealing with the crisis in Egypt and Libya […]

Romney Irresponsibly Inserts Himself into a Serious International Situation & Is Drowning In His Own Incompetence

 I am appalled at the statements of Mitt Romney last night and this morning concerning the attacks on our embassies in Libya and Egypt.  Such neo-con rhetorical nonsense, pronounced during the 9/11 remembrance, is an insult to our honored dead, then and now, and proves that Mr. Romney’s discretion  is no where near presidential quality.  His […]

Steve Martin ~ “The Crow” & “Rare Bird Alert”

I fell in love with banjo-pickin’ blue grass music when I lived in Kentucky.  These two albums are twice the joy ~ great blue grass with a  sense of humor, the humor of Steve Martin! spotify:track:5VUTiGp6CYP024gcbu4uE8   spotify:track:0zOTipZaTXi005CfHwQeF6