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Mitt Romney ~ Mr. Opaque

What is all this about Mitt Romney not  disclosing more of his income tax returns?  It seems extremely foolish for him not to do so.  What’s the point? Why the secrecy?  President Clinton and Vice-President Bidden have understandably criticized his decision.  Even Republicans are begging him to provide greater disclosure of his finances.  Bill Kristol, George Will, and Matthew Dowd have all challenged Romney to release more of his tax returns. . . to be more transparent.  It certainly wouldn’t hurt such a man, who comes across as most remarkably not himself, to be a lot less “opaque.”

The following video is the discussion on  “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” last Sunday.  What are Romney’s “higher costs” of not disclosing his tax returns?

His own father, George Romney, when he ran for the presidency, released twelve years of his income tax returns!  Why not his son? John Cassidy, in his blog entitled “National Irrantionality” in the New Yorker (July 16, 2012), speculates about some reasons Romney may want to keep his tax returns close to his chest:

  • According to what is known, Romney has made approximately 20 million dollars a year in 2010 and 2011.  His un-released tax forms may indicate that he earned  more money earlier.  The tax forms could also explain Romeny’s  relationship and agreements  with Bain Capital, which he founded in 1987. Light could be shed on the details of  his “leave of absence” from Bain and how involved he was or wasn’t in overseas outsourcing, bankruptcies, and layoffs as its owner after 1999.
  • It could be possible that Romney’s advisers had, during previous years, utilized more overseas accounts, hedge funds, tax shelters, etc. than we are now aware of.
  • Perhaps his investments overseas in previous years were ethically questionable.   For example, did he invest in companies taking jobs away from Americans?
  • Perhaps he was embarrassed by extremely low tax rates in the past?

Former Republican Congressman, Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe,” MSNBC on July 16th, 2012 said:

  • The fact is, there are a couple of years he may not have paid any taxes. Maybe he’s concerned about that. But if it’s going to come out, he needs to get it out now so he has a couple of months to explain it.”

I am very suspicious that Romney’s real-life business decisions and actions do not correspond with his espoused economic policies on the political trail ~ the old Republican chestnut of  “trickle down economics” to encourage job creation in our country.  Jobs have “trickled” overseas!  I fear that his real allegiance is to the world of vulture capitalism and not to the art of governance.

Romney is one vague guy. . . about everything!  He wants us, the electorate, to know only “something” about his finances; obviously not everything.  I would also say he wants us to only know “something” about him in general.  Again, I wonder “why“?  I always become suspicious when a person can’t answer a direct question with a direct answer.  He always diverts the direct question away from himself and then criticizes President Obama.    Romney has built a wall of “vagueness” around himself and there is more than a tinge of superiority and entitlement attached to it.  He seems like a cardboard cut-out wearing a  J. Press and Brooks Brother‘s Ivy League uniform.  Where’s the passion?  the new ideas? the vision? the drive? the leadership?

Romney has never lost his “flip-floppy-ness” or his “Etch A Sketch-i-ness.”  It’s not that Romney suffers from “short-term -memory-loss” about his policy positions.  He actually holds simultaneous opinions on issues.  His comments depend on what group he happens to be talking to.  He’s a “people-pleaser“.  “I must please this group so I will tell them what they want to hear.”  Then he turns around and tells another group something else.

I think Romney is “vague” and “opaque” because he isn’t being himself.  I think he is in reality a lot like his dad, a moderate Republican, but then he decided, out of sheer political expediency, to kowtow to the “Tea Party” and Libertarians on the far right of the Republican Party.  His attitude about the Affordable Health Care Act and now Law is  an exercise in self-denial!! His greatest political achievement was the health care in Massachusetts,which he now feels compelled to dismiss or disown.

Romney Economics reflect the economic policies of Blain Capital and vice versa.  His economic policies did not work in Massachusetts and they won’t work for the country either.   How many jobs did Blain create in this country as opposed to overseas and how many American companies were closed by Blain?  Romney’s Massachusetts policies will continue in a Romney administration.    What is more important?  The “bottom line” of corporate profit, or,  the lives of people.

I feel like shouting the old Greek proverb “Know thyself” and also “Own thyself” Mr. Romney!


One comment on “Mitt Romney ~ Mr. Opaque

  1. This is an excellent article from “The New Republic” about Mitt Romney’s taxes: “The Larger Question About Romney’s Taxes: Why?” by Alec MacGillis (July 31, 2012):


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