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Wynton & Willie

Two of my favorites! spotify:track:6f78B15l9SA3oYqz7Ku6ez spotify:track:2aVJ6Yujy1IBHTSgJ406Ka Advertisements

International “Pander-Ball”!

What is it with Mitt Romney?!  Mr. Gaff-man continues to put his foot in his mouth, this week in England and Israel!  Actually, what is more curious and even more serious than any of his earlier  “flip-floppyi-ness” and his numerous  “Etch-A-Sketch” moments, is his dependence on a simple-minded version of Bush-era foreign policy, even though […]

“When It Rains” in That Improvisational Moment ~ Brad Mehldau

Brad Mehldau is not only an amazing jazz pianist but he is also a profound thinker about the nature of  music. On his website ( are published many of his writings.   One article is entitle “Wisdom in Music” (, an amazing reflection on the “essence” of music in Platonic and Aristotelian terms. Does the meaning, ideas, and emotions […]

Can We Please Have a Sensible Discussion About Gun Control?

My heart sank this morning when I saw the news about the massacre in Aurora, Colorado.  My deepest sympathy goes out to all the families of the victims. This litany is a sad one: University of Texas Massacre ~ 1966 California State University Fullerton Massacre ~ 1976 Attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan ~ 1981 Luby’s Massacre, Kileen, Texas ~ 1991 University […]

“From the Middle Out” & Then “Forward!”

This election is a choice between visions of America, not a referendum on President Obama.  I am a member of Team Centerville, Ohio ~ Obama for America.  I administer the groups Facebook group page of the same title ( and the twitter account (  I also on occasion write  articles about my political convictions (see […]

Mitt Romney ~ Mr. Opaque

What is all this about Mitt Romney not  disclosing more of his income tax returns?  It seems extremely foolish for him not to do so.  What’s the point? Why the secrecy?  President Clinton and Vice-President Bidden have understandably criticized his decision.  Even Republicans are begging him to provide greater disclosure of his finances.  Bill Kristol, […]

“Break the wineglass, and fall towards the glassblower’s breath” ~ A ‘Flash Choir’ Sings Philip Glass In Times Square

I’m not that big a fan of Philip Glass’ minimalist music, which he calls “music with repetitive structure“,  but,  this is really interesting!  I love the words by Jalaluddin Rumi.  To honor his 75th birthday,  NPR commissioned Glass to create this work, which was performed in Times Square New York on July 10th.  The lyrics are: […]