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The Constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Law Upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court!

This is a great day for all Americans. Earlier this week the Supreme Court struck down the illegal  parts of Arizona’s unconstitutional immigration law.  Today they ruled on the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Bill.   I believe that during the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Law over the next two years, those Americans […]

Jerome Kern ~ One of the Great Ones! And His Great Masterpiece!

SHOWBOAT Music by Jerome Kern Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II The musical “Showboat,” first performed in 1927, is based on Edna Ferber’s novel of the same title.  One of the great things about the American Musical Theater is that difficult or controversial  issues are not ignored or censored, but become the primary themes of the the work.  This marvelous […]

What Lies Between Absolute Ideology and “Real Politik”: The Common Ground and Common Morality of Common Humanity

Today’s political landscape is extremist and unusually superficial.  Consequentially, it is ineffectual.  We live in a world where a segment of a political party, the Tea Party, can filibuster the Federal government and bring the business of the people to a grinding halt.  Obstructionism darkens the light of Democracy. How can we defend human rights and advocate […]

The Classical Organ

I mentioned Albert Schweitzer not long ago in this blog.  Besides being a great humanitarian, he was a respected classical organist.  Below is a collection of his organ recordings. I offer this also in honor of my father Ronald Campbell who loved to listen to the classical organ. spotify:track:6JT2qaJxdnUXmYAmfy6491


KNOW HOW TO REGISTER TO VOTE IN YOUR STATE ~ CLICK ON THE WEBSITE “GOTTAVOTE” FOR ACCURATE INFORMATION. “Fact: Voting is incredibly easy for every American. All you need is accurate, up-to-date information on how to cast a ballot where you live. Now more than ever, it couldn’t be more important for all of us […]

Let’s “Ram On”

Ram is one of my favorite Paul McCartney albums.  It is the only one he created with Linda.  He composed the songs on their farm in Scotland.  The album was released in May 1971 just as I was leaving to traveled to Taiwan in 1971. The album has just been re-mastered and re-released in May 2012. […]

What is All This About Lincoln and Vampires!?

This is a review I wrote last September of 2011.  The movie based on Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is coming out this month on June 22, 2012.  I doubt whether I’ll see the movie in a theater because it is much to violent for me.  I’ll catch it on AMC sometime in the future.  I […]