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Michael Feinstein ~ Romance On Film, Romance On Broadway

The incredibly talented Michael Feinstein is the “archivist” of “The Great American Songbook,” which includes the 20th century music of Broadway  and Hollywood musicals dating from 1920 to 1960.  They are considered jazz standards. In 1977 Feinstein was hired by Ira Gershwin to catalog  his phonograph record collection. He spent six years researching and cataloging the George and Ira […]

For Mother’s Day Invites Us to “Honor Our Moms & the Things They Pass Down to Us” invites you to honor your mom by watching the video below and  then share what your mother passed down to you.    By clicking on the link above you can enter a contest.  There will be prizes given out up until May 21st.  You could win a World Explorer subscription, a DNA kit & […]

Splendor in the Grass ~ Pink Martini

If you have never heard Pink Martini, listen up!

Life, Death, Genealogy, and Spirituality

The perennial mystery of life is the unavoidable reality of death. Throughout recorded history and also throughout prehistoric times, human beings have expressed belief in an after-life. Prehistoric humanity expressed this belief by providing the deceased with grave goods for the next life and through their artwork. The ancient Greeks thought of the after-life as […]

A Great Jazz Pianist, Bill Charlap, Plays Gershwin

The  American Soul

An Introduction To The Wright Family of Dayton

by Karen S. Campbell Southwest OhioResearch  “We were lucky enough to grow up in an environment where there was always much encouragement to children to pursue intellectual interests; to investigate whatever  aroused curiosity.”  ~ Orville Wright It is true.  The Wright Brothers were nothing if not curious.  They were first to achieve a controlled, powered, heavier Orville Wright than […]

One of my Favorite Operas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Enjoy “The Magic Flute” on Spotify: Let me know what you think.