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Maps of Harveysburg ~ 1856, 1875, 1891, and 1903

Between Waynesville/Corwin andHarveysburg there is still a lot of rich farm land (see map below). In the past, as one traveled east from Waynesville, the land dropped down into a steep and wide valley, the valley of Caesar’s Creek. High on the eastern ridge overlooking the valley was Harveysburg located on the main road between Wilmington andWaynesville, Ohio. This road, which was once the Main Street of Harveysburg, is now State Rte 73. However, it has been diverted around Harveysburg twice over the years. Before these diversions,Harveysburg was famous for the famous “S“curve that lead up from the bottom of the valley into the village.

1856 Map

1856 Map

Please note on the map of  Harveysburg below  the “school“, “the pork house“, the “colored school“, and the “Friends Church“. This Friends Meetinghouse, on the far eastern end of the village, is the Hicksite Grove Meeting, a preparative meeting of Miami Monthly Meeting in Waynesville. The small Hicksite Friends Graveyard is directly south of the meetinghouse.

1875 Map of Harveysburg

1875 Map of Harveysburg

Note in the 1891 map below the location of the “Friends Church” at the intersection of Clark Avenue and the Road to Oregania. This is the Orthodox Quaker Meeting,Harveysburg Monthly Meeting.  Grove Meeting (Preparative Meeting of Miami Monthly Meeting Hicksite in Waynesville) is not shown on this map. The Orthodox Friends Grave Yard is also shown northeast of the Orthodox Quaker Meetinghouse.

1891 Map of Harveysburg

1903 Map of Harveysburg, Ohio


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