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There has been much exploration and seeking in my life.  This blog will be crisscrossed with the many paths of that journey.   This will be another way in which I try “to make deep mental paths” to nurture positive thoughts, which I attempt to embed deeply in my spirit and infuse like light into my environment.  Like all human beings, however, I fail daily to live so intentionally and  fully.

I once heard a Methodist minister in a sermon compare each day of life to a rare vase ~ a rare vase which God entrusts to each one of us.  The Reverend always lifted up the precious vase in the morning and carried it carefully throughout the day, but inevitably, he would stumble and fall breaking the vase into many pieces.  He would fall asleep desolate but rise up in joy since a new and pristine vase was waiting every morning for him from God. In many ways sleeping is an act of faith; we die to the failures of the day but rise with hope in the morning with our precious vase restored and full of new possibilities and challenges.

I will begin, I think, with three of my recurring “paths“:  genealogy, local history, and spirituality.  I will add others eventually such as “favorite books” and “my most meaningful travels” and others.  Who knows where the “paths” will lead me and to what new discoveries?

I would be glad to share with you my interests and any insights I might have garnered along the way.  Please share your thoughts with me.

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